Facelift without surgery

Although many people in Montreal would like to receive a facelift, the idea of an invasive surgery repels them. However, there are now methods to perform facelifts without surgery and these procedures do not leave scars behind. These new types of non surgical facelift are much less demanding than traditional facelifts and they offer a sustainable solution to the adverse effects of aging.

Contact Clinique Jean Gilbert for the non surgical facelift Montreal method that is the most appropriate for you. In addition to the temporary injectable fillers like Botox or Juvederm, it is also worthwhile to explore fairly mild alternatives such as laser firming, photorejuvenation or peeling. We also have a 10 year expertise in a method of facelift without surgery called Featherlift™ that leaves no scar.

One advantage of this method of non surgical facelift is that its effects are permanent, for a fraction of the hassles that come with a traditional facelift. Tiny threads are inserted against the natural lines of your wrinkles. These polypropylene threads are safe. This material is frequently used in surgery. The lifting effect is immediate, because the threads carefully tug your skin to restore its youthful and firm appearance. They are inserted permanently into the subcutaneous level of your skin.

This type of facelift with subcutaneous threads reduces wrinkles. This is a non surgical facelift and the natural effect is enhanced by your body’s production of collagen to cover the threads in the months following the procedure. It is an ideal solution for those who have difficulty witnessing the sagging of their features over time. In Montreal, this facelift without surgery can be done in 90 minutes. It is much less invasive than traditional facelifts which require several weeks of convalescence. With this facelift without surgery, you can resume your normal activities after only one day of rest.

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