Facial laser treatments

Increasingly popular in Montreal, photorejuvenation uses the properties of facial laser treatment for the skin to regain the radiance and firmness associated with youth. Photofacials treat the skin without destabilizing its surface. It is efficient and does not require a period of social exclusion, because your face retains a normal appearance after its session of photorejuvenation.

This type of facial laser treatment is ideal to effectively and safely treat several defects of the skin that appear with age, such as pigmentary lesions like rosacea or brown spots that appear after prolonged sun exposure. A photofacial can also reduce other skin imperfections like acne scars, pores that appear overly dilated or even freckles.

Recommended for men as for women in Montreal, photorejuvenation gradually improves facial skin appearance with each session. Clinique Jean Gilbert uses Candela brand high-tech equipment. They designed the GentleMax device that we use for facial laser treatment. It creates a high intensity beam of light that delivers a controlled amount of heat in the skin tissue. A cooling treatment is combined with the photofacial, reducing side effects and temporary discomfort that may be felt when receiving a photorejuvenation treatment.

Explained in a few words, photofacial is the improvement of the texture and radiance of the skin due to sessions of exposure to a light source. Although, in theory, all body parts can benefit from a photofacial, the ones most frequently targeted by the photorejuvenation are the face (hence the name), chest, neck, shoulders and hands. Facial laser treatment leaves softer, firmer and brighter skin. In Montreal, facial laser treatment is a safe, quick and painless method to reduce signs of aging. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, your skin will appear youthful and fresh.

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