Cellulite treatment

VelaShape II: A long-lasting solution that will rid you of your cellulite !

VelaShape II - cellulite treatmentVelaShape is the first FDA-approved non-surgical device for reducing cellulite.

This higher performing VelaShape II provides a complete body contouring treatment that requires no anaesthetic nor surgery.

It is non-invasive and, with the new and unique Elōs technology, results can be visible after just one treatment. Elōs combines 4 procedures: optical and infrared light energy, bipolar radiofrequency and mechanical massage.

The VelaShape II treatment is suitable for anyone suffering with cellulite, however visible or deep it may be. The device can be adapted for all skin types and for both superficial and subcutaneous cellulite.

It dissolves fat layers under the skin, much like liposuction. VelaShape II is experienced by patients as a powerful heated massage that painlessly reshapes the body. All the usual problem areas for cellulite can be treated: tummy, thighs, arms, hips…

VelaShape II is an effective cellulite treatment that requires no recovery period. Results can be visible from the very first treatment and the reduction in fat cells can lead to a loss of up to 7cm in circumference.

VelaShape II is a safe and effective device. As well as being FDA-approved, it has also been tested in numerous clinical studies and has successfully convinced 3.5 million users worldwide.

For best results, the recommended treatment is from 4 to 8 weeks with one session per week. After treatment, a follow-up programme is recommended every 3 months.

UltraShape : get rid of your fat cells without liposuction !

Ultrashape is a device that destroys fat cells without requiring surgery. It is a painless treatment requiring no anaesthetic, injection nor incision. The fat cells are eliminated using high-frequency focused ultrasound without affecting surrounding cells and tissue.

UltraShape is suitable for anyone wanting to get the perfect shape without having to undergo cosmetic medicine that would require several days’ recovery. It is a recognized method for the destruction of “stubborn fat cells”, meaning it gets rid of the fatty tissues that are resistant even to rigorous exercise. The treatment is equally suited to men and women, and can be applied to various areas of the body: tummy, thighs or love handles. It requires no recovery period ; all patients can resume their usual activities immediately after each session.

How UltraShape works is very simple : it identifies the fat cell deposits in the targeted area and destroys them. The cells are then discharged naturally by the body in the same way as other usual waste material. This procedure provides immediate results in the reduction of fatty deposits and in the quality and firmness of the skin. Definitive results are visible from 2 to 4 weeks after the final session. UltraShape reduces waist circumference by 4 to 8 cm and the treated areas are guaranteed to be reduced by at least 1.5 cm.

All results are definitive ; the eliminated fat cells are gone for good. For best results, it is recommended to complete 3 one-hour sessions spread over a maximum of 6 weeks, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, regular exercise) alongside the treatment.