Facelift without scarring

Lifting sans cicatrice Featherlift™

Time flies, and one day you find yourself in front of your mirror, hands on each side of your face, tugging gently on your skin to make your wrinkles disappear. If only making yourself instantly younger, without any scarring, was that simple! Now it is, thanks to the new facelift, which leaves no scars, called Featherlift™.

Featherlift™’s scarless facelifts

Featherlift™ has been around for about 10 years and the Clinique Jean Gilbert was one of the first clinics in Quebec to use the new technology, which consists of tiny, specialized threads permanently inserted in the subcutaneous level of your skin. These threads have a Velcro effect: they actually tug your skin, like you would in front of your mirror, by going against the natural lines of your wrinkles. Since the threads are made of polypropylene, used in surgery for many years, they are safe and invisible. A Featherlift™ non surgical facelift allows you to diminish your deep wrinkles and even to redefine the contour of your face in a very natural way . You will only notice the full effect of Featherlift™ a few months after the treatment because your body will have produced collagen to cover the threads.

This 90 minute facelift is performed under local anesthesia and its results are permanent. You will be able to resume your normal activities a day after receiving the treatment. The most common side effects are brief and reversible and they do not last more than a few weeks.

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact the Clinique Jean Gilbert. You will receive a personalized consultation during which we will give you the complete details of the procedure that is most suitable for you.