Hair transplants & grafts

Both men and women receive grafts. Many factors lead to requiring this type of procedure:

Genetic or hereditary factors that cause or accelerate hair loss (e.g., on the top of the head, the forehead or temples;
Effects of surgery, chemotherapy or shock;

These sections contain more information on the various types of grafts performed at the Clinique Jean Gilbert.

Hair graft

No one escapes hair loss: we lose between 50 and 100 hairs every day. Whether you are male or female, undesirable hair loss, often referred to as “baldness”, can be remedied at the Clinique Jean Gilbert, regardless of the cause.

Unavoidable genetic or hereditary factors, generally affecting men, can provoke hormonal changes that are liable to cause or speed up hair loss. Whether this hair loss is on top of the head, at the forehead or at the temples, you can receive a hair graft to correct the condition.

Hair grafts, or hair transplants, are performed under local anaesthetic. Using a microscope, it is possible to single out follicular units, consisting of a few hairs, and transplant them to the desired area. The procedure is virtually painless and, more importantly, it allows you to have very natural looking hair. There are only minor side effects and you will be able to leave the clinic that same day, without bandages. You will even be able to wash your hair within 24 hours of the procedure.

Complications resulting from hair grafts are practically nonexistent.

Eyebrow graft

The thinning and loss of eyebrows can be corrected through the follicular transplantation. From the donor site, the hair follicle is removed, usually without leaving a visible scar, then transplanted to the desired location. This type of transplant is individually isolated and transplanted into the area in the same orientation and growth pattern of the existing and desired shape of the eyebrow follicules.

Usually without significant discomfort or side effects, eyebrow transplant gives aesthetic and lasting results.

Complications resulting from grafts are practically non-existent. If you have other questions, do not hesitate to make an appointment with the Clinique Jean Gilbert. You will receive a personalized consultation that will provide you with all of the details related to the most suitable treatment for you.