Laser hair removal

Do you wish the hair was gone forever? Laser hair removal will allow you to banish unwanted hair regardless of colour, area of the body or skin type.

As such, we use the GentleMax laser from Candela. Combining comfort and safety, the laser creates a high-intensity beam of light that penetrates deep into the cutaneous tissue, where it delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat. The dual-wavelength laser combined with the cooling treatment provides optimal hair removal results while reducing side effects. What’s more, the treatment can eliminate or significantly reduce unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal can have noticeable side effects if treatment is not administered by a health professional. Do not subject yourself to unsightly side effects such as brown spots or burns. Put yourself in the hands of a specialist who will recommend a treatment suitable to your skin type and distribution of hair, thereby mitigating the risk of unwanted side effects. After all, you owe it to your body.

Laser hair removal is highly effective and safe, with practically no side effects. If you have other questions about laser hair removal, do not hesitate to make an appointment with the Clinique Jean Gilbert. You will receive a personalized consultation that will provide you with all of the details related to the most suitable treatment for you.