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Anti-cellulite suction cups… Do they work?

Cellulite—that unsightly “cottage cheese skin” you so desperately want to get rid of—is caused by various factors, including heredity, water retention, poor liver function, and hormonal imbalances. Even though it’s possible to prevent cellulite by adopting a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical exercise, some people are simply more predisposed to it than others.

Among the recommended home remedies (creams, gels, massages, etc.), you’ll find the famous anti-cellulite suction cup, which is currently enjoying a lot of popularity.

What is an anti-cellulite suction cup?

Made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone, it reproduces the effect of the “palpate and roll” technique (anti-cellulite massage) that is practiced at beauty salons. But is it effective? According to some testimonials, the suction cup produces a slight reduction in cellulite after at least three weeks of daily use. However, don’t kid yourself: lifestyle habits weigh heavily in the balance. Eating a healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and doing exercise are all essential for maintaining the results, no matter what treatment you choose to reduce your cellulite.

The risks linked to using suction cups to battle cellulite

Even if a suction cup can slightly improve the appearance of your skin, if it isn’t used properly, there are risks, including severe pain, bruising, ruptured blood vessels (leading to the formation of varicose veins), and stretch marks, among others. Side-effects you might regret for a long time!

A safe, effective alternative to suction cups

If you’re looking for a high-quality treatment to reduce cellulite, VelaShape II is an excellent method for getting the results you want without the risks associated with the use of suction cups. The first non-surgical device that effectively reduces cellulite, it’s completely safe and offers long-lasting results. With this gentle, painless treatment, the only thing you’ll feel is a slight sensation of warmth.

Noticeable results from the very first sessions

Combining four different procedures—optical energy, infrared energy, bipolar radiofrequency and mechanical massage—VelaShape II is effective on all types of cellulite, from the mildest to the most severe cases. The device diffuses warmth that penetrates deep into the skin, targeting the fatty deposits. This heat stimulates blood circulation and speeds up the metabolism of the energy stored in the adipose tissue. As a result, the size of the fat cells is reduced, and the skin regains its smooth, firm appearance.

The length of the VelaShape II treatment

To achieve optimal results, the recommended treatment period varies from four to eight weeks, followed by a three-month maintenance program. What results can you expect? A fully re-contoured figure and noticeable results from the very first sessions!

Effective cellulite treatments to the rescue

Are you plagued by cellulite and none of the methods you’ve tried seem to work? Clinique Jean Gilbert offers you a high-performance professional treatment with VelaShape II. For more information on our anti-cellulite treatments or any or the other treatments we offer at our clinic in Montreal, contact us today. Our qualified personnel will be happy to assist you!

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