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How to lift a double chin (without surgery or Photoshop!)

It probably doesn’t seem like it should be such a big deal. But then, why does this little detail jump out at you in every photo? Regardless of our age or sex, we all feel the same when the face looking back at us in the mirror has a double chin. This imperfection can come about as a result of any number of factors, excess weight and age among them. For example, genetics may be responsible for this unwelcome inheritance.

Should you put up with a double chin or get rid of it? It’s a legitimate question if it undermines your self-esteem, but you’re not sure if you would go so far as to have surgery because of it. So then, how can you lift a double chin? Diet, exercise, beauty treatments… While some solutions will temporarily improve the situation, others will clearly be more effective. Between a natural solution and a clinical one, which would help you feel more comfortable in your own skin?

Can a healthier lifestyle make a double chin go away?

A double chin is the result of an accumulation of fatty tissue, which is aggravated by weight gain. As the extra pounds weigh heavy on the oval of your face, opting for a more balanced diet seems like a perfectly logical and viable solution. This lifestyle change, combined with exercises and massages specifically for the face and neck can help reduce the excess fat. Known as “facial gymnastics,” these exercises only take a few minutes and have the added benefit of being very relaxing.

They say to combine these exercises with specialized firming creams for eliminating a double chin. But let’s be honest: you may very well end up investing a lot of time and money for little or no improvement. Also bear in mind that, although weight loss may help reduce a double chin, there are no guarantees that it will.

So what are your other options for lifting a double chin? Makeup and good posture. In fact, the famous contouring techniques that are currently popular on Instagram do their small part. An upright position, an unrestricted neck and relaxed shoulders can also give the illusion of muscle tone. But we all know that, on Instagram, retouching and filters rule, so you have to ask yourself what image you want to project in real life.

Non-surgical treatment for a double chin

A healthy lifestyle, stimulating exercises and targeted creams… While these methods are indeed accessible, their limits are abundantly clear. First, it’s very difficult to develop muscle tone in such a fine, fragile part of the body. Second, the loose skin and loss of elasticity that are a natural part of aging will catch up with all of us sooner or later.

Man or woman, young or not so young, you may want to consider non-surgical treatments. Quick, simple and proven, they can permanently lift a double chin and firm the skin of the neck.

One popular non-surgical treatment is truSculpt 3D technology, which is a painless liposuction procedure that eliminates the fat cells through the use of heat. To treat a double chin, 1 or 2 sessions lasting 30 to 60 minutes, each, will generally do the trick. Although there’s no recovery period needed after the procedure, you’ll have to wait four to six weeks before you’ll see the final results.

Another popular non-surgical treatment consists of injections with Belkyra, a medication that permanently destroys the fat cells under the chin. Everyone who’s had the treatment praises it for its rapidity and minimal side-effects. In the case of either treatment, the results are permanent.

Professional advice to correct a double chin

Whether you’re leaning toward one or the other of these techniques to lift your double chin, you can count on Clinique Jean Gilbert in Montreal—a clinic that’s highly acclaimed for the quality of its non-surgical procedures. When it comes to courtesy, dedication and safety, Dr. Jean Gilbert makes no compromises in the services he offers his clientele. He and his team will find just the right words to guide you, advise you and reassure you.

In the end, there’s nothing stopping you from adopting healthier lifestyle habits, too. To the contrary! In fact, a healthy lifestyle is one of the recommendations Clinique Jean Gilbert makes to supplement the treatments you receive and to ensure that your body reaps all the benefits it deserves.



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