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Everything you need to know about lip injections

Lip augmentation is, without a doubt, the gold standard in cosmetic procedures. A veritable societal phenomenon that emerged more than a decade ago, the procedure has been gradually gaining in popularity to the point that it’s well on its way to becoming one of the most frequently performed.

The eagerness of many celebrities to embrace “plump” lips is an obvious explanation for this current trend. Their Instagram accounts are overflowing with photos featuring their mouths, and it’s often difficult to guess which ones have resorted to injections or surgery and which ones haven’t.

While we’ve all seen pictures of lips that are so outrageously swollen that they no longer bear any resemblance to reality, moderation is making a comeback as far as lip injections are concerned, and natural beauty is returning to the forefront.

Take the time to become better informed about this practice with advice from reputable physicians so you can enhance your smile safely and securely.

Hyaluronic acid or Botox: the importance of defining your needs

The typical clientele for this type of procedure? While thirty-something women were the first to adopt lip injections, the procedure has now become common practice among women of all ages and even among many men. The fact is that young women aren’t the only ones who want to improve the appearance of their lips. The problems in this area of the face aren’t limited to a lack of fullness. Lip injections are commonly used to accomplish the following:

  • Redesign the contour of the lips to enhance the shape of the mouth.
  • Redefine the philtrum, commonly known as “Cupid’s bow.”
  • Rehydrate the lips or, in other words, counteract the initial effects of aging by correcting possible imperfections and restoring color to the lips.
  • Improve symmetry, as it’s not uncommon for the upper lip to appear much thinner than the lower one. Augmenting the upper lip can help restore balance and overall harmony to one’s features.

Age has a profound effect on the comportment of the lips. With time, they become drier and thinner, and the asymmetry mentioned above—among other things—can become significantly more apparent.

The procedure offers measurable benefits, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, a young person or a senior citizen.

Defining your needs will help determine which method will work best for you. When it comes to injections, two products share the honors: hyaluronic acid and Botox® Cosmetic.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the great classic of the procedure. Naturally produced by the body, this compound is found in numerous creams and serums aimed at filling in wrinkles and rehydrating the skin.

Hyaluronic acid achieves much more natural-looking results than its predecessor, collagen, and lends the lips a surprising degree of softness. Depending on the client’s needs, it can be injected in just one lip or in both the upper and the lower lip in order to precisely achieve the desired results.

Another notable advantage is that the product is reabsorbed by the body, so it gradually wears off with time, unlike silicone. It adds volume and hydration, plumping up the lips while also erasing any incipient fine lines around the mouth. This concerted action resolves all of the problems related to the lips.

Botox for lips?

So where does Botox fit into the picture? Commonly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows, between the eyes and the temples and on the forehead, it’s gaining increasing recognition for its effectiveness at reducing the vertical lines around the mouth. As a complement to hyaluronic acid, it significantly limits attenuation of the muscles of the face, but without “freezing” it.

It’s fitting to remember that the goal of a cosmetic procedure is to alleviate a complex or improve a flaw, while still retaining a natural appearance. That’s why it’s so important to choose an experienced physician for your injections. He or she will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns in order to give your lips the desired appearance.

Consultation, price, side effects… How does the lip injection process unfold?

There’s no need to know all the characteristics of these products from the outset. The details of the procedure will be clarified during your initial consultation with the physician. An examination of your mouth will help him or her determine the best approach in your case. It’s only logical, wouldn’t you say? However, the physician’s objective isn’t to impose his or her opinion at all costs. Your reasons for opting for this procedure will also come into play.

Once the context has been established, the physician’s job is to give you a detailed explanation of the next steps, the advantages, the disadvantages and the risks. Keep in mind that this is still a medical procedure and, as such, it’s important to determine any possible contraindications.

Ideally, you should avoid consuming alcohol during the 48 hours prior to the procedure to prevent bruising at the injection site. The physician will determine the technique to use depending on the desired results, so the number of injections may vary accordingly.

After the injections

The injections are quick and the results are visible. In fact, you’ll be able to see a difference as soon as the procedure is over. To prevent excessive swelling, the physician will apply an ice pack, which you can continue using at home, 15 minutes at a time, if necessary. Although side effects are minimal, you can expect to see some swelling and perhaps some bruising, as the lips are highly vascularized. After 48 hours, all that will be a thing of the past.

You’ll be able to resume your regular activities right away after the procedure, and the results will last anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

The price of lip injections

No bad pun intended, but one question remains on everyone’s lips: is the treatment expensive? Considering that the procedure doesn’t require surgery, it’s relatively affordable. The price will vary depending on the problem, the area being treated and the number of syringes. On average, you can expect to pay between $400 and $700 per syringe. So the total price will be determined by your needs. The physician can give you a precise answer to this question during the initial consultation.

Choosing a reputable cosmetic medicine clinic

Clinique Jean Gilbert in Montreal is recognized for its expertise in the field of cosmetic medicine, of course, but also for its human approach. Your care is the top priority. That’s how the team works, demonstrating total sincerity with each and every client. Embarking on a cosmetic venture requires information, support, attentiveness and trust. The team at the clinic understands that these are the necessary conditions for you to appreciate the final results and the overall experience.

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