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Non-surgical wrinkle treatment: Thread lift

Are you wondering if you can combat face sagging without surgery? The answer is yes! In recent years, non-surgical wrinkle treatments have made considerable progress. Among the various methods already in existence, a new promising technique has now made an entrance: the Featherlift ™ scarless facelift, a non-surgical wrinkle treatment using tensor threads to reduce deep wrinkles and naturally improve facial contours

Tensor thread facelift: what does it involve?

Having first appeared about ten years ago, face rejuvenation using tensor threads makes it possible to make your face look more attractive in a natural and long-lasting way. The treatment involves the insertion of tiny threads directly under the skin. It should be noted that the thread insertion is a perfectly sterile procedure and painless. By producing a Velcro effect, these threads gently pull the skin in the opposite direction to the natural lines of your wrinkles. Made of polypropylene, a material that has been used for many years in surgical procedures, these threads are invisible and completely safe.

A simple and quick procedure, this non-surgical wrinkle treatment is performed under local anesthesia and can last about 90 minutes. You can then return to your normal routine after 24 hours. Minor side effects may occur but, rest assured, they are temporary, reversible, and do not last for more than a few weeks.

Tensor thread facial skincare: what are the advantages?

Unlike conventional face lifts, non-surgical facelifts with tensor threads are quick, painless and produce permanent results. Immediately after the procedure, your face will feel rejuvenated and look firmer. Furthermore, while the threads work at stimulating tissue and promoting collagen synthesis, you may have to wait a few months to appreciate the full effect of the facelift. But your patience will be rewarded, since it is this tissue stimulation that will prolong the effects of the long-term lifting procedure, even beyond the absorption of the threads.

Thus, you are benefitting in more way than one, since tensor thread facelifts guarantee:

  • An instant lifting action for an immediate rejuvenating effect
  • A regenerative action that will restore facial volume by promoting collagen regeneration
  • A fast and painless treatment for wrinkles
  • A minimal recovery time
  • Minimal temporary side effects

Non-surgical wrinkle treatment: who can benefit?

Tensor thread face lifts offer optimal results to people with skin that has not suffered too much sagging. If the facial skin is too thin, too saggy or too wrinkled, the treatment may not work as well. Indeed, if the skin is too thin, the tensor threads may be visible. However, if the skin is too thick, its weight may cause a new collapse earlier than expected. The beneficial effect of tensor thread therefore becomes more short-term. Prior consultation with a specialist is therefore essential to ensure that this treatment is right for you.

Rejuvenate your face without going under the knife!

In short, the benefits of tensor thread face lifts are so numerous that it’s not worth putting off any longer. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable and long-lasting solution to improve the appearance of your face, then you should consider tensor thread face lifts. Use the expertise of the Jean Gilbert Clinic professionals in Montreal and give your appearance the fresh and youthful glow it deserves

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