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Why choose laser hair removal?

Do you feel like you’ve spent half your life fighting a losing battle against unwanted hair? Not to mention the money wasted buying razors, hair removal creams and waxes, wax strips, electric epilators…the list goes on! And despite your best efforts at trying to remain faithful to your femininity, do you still have more and more annoying nose hairs appearing when you least expect it?

Laser hair removal could be the answer to your prayers. An increasingly common treatment, this technique can help with all types of permanent hair removal, hence the reason more and more women are using it as their treatment of choice to say goodbye to unwelcome hair!

Laser hair removal, what is it exactly?

The laser produces pulses of light that target the pigmentation (melanin) in the hair follicle. By penetrating directly under the skin, the beam generates heat which destroys the hair and its follicle. As the light beam is attracted to darker regions of the skin (in this case the hair), the demarcation line between the color of the hair and the skin will play a determining role in the effectiveness of the treatment. Thus, the darker the hair and the softer the skin, the better the chances of obtaining satisfactory results for permanent hair removal.

Why choose laser hair removal?

Get rid of unwanted hair permanently

In principle, all hair follicles are destroyed by the laser. However, during treatment, some dormant follicles are unpigmented and are therefore not visually captured by the laser. The procedure will therefore need to be repeated several times to destroy any new regrowth which will, however, become less and less apparent. Of all the skin care products available on the market, the laser hair removal method definitely delivers the most long-lasting results.

In addition, it has been noted that for armpit, bikini line and stomach hair, five or six sessions are sufficient to achieve an 80% reduction in hair growth. Some hairs may remain, but they are usually very fine and not overly visible.

A safe treatment

In aesthetic medicine, laser treatment is by far the safest for permanent hair removal. To provide our customers with maximum comfort, we use Cutera Excel. Its long-pulse laser offers targeted heat control. Combined with superior contact cooling, Excel’s technology achieves optimal results while reducing undesirable effects. Who said you have to suffer to be beautiful?

Save time and money

Laser hair removal requires considerable investment initially but compared to other methods such as waxing or electrolysis, you will gain in the long run. As it offers permanent results, you will never have to start all over again. Electrolysis requires the removal of hairs one by one making it more expensive than laser treatment, not to mention the considerable number of sessions it requires to achieve permanent results.

What’s more, laser treatment can treat large areas of the body in a short space of time. And if you dare to calculate the time spent each week and month shaving or waxing, you’ll soon realise that laser treatment gives you peace of mind and, as a bonus, the freedom to put on a dress at the last minute without having to worry about unsightly hair!

Entrust your beauty care to a professional

When poorly administered, laser hair removal can have visible side effects, such as marks and burns. You are therefore strongly advised to use a qualified health professional. Contact our specialists at the Jean-Gilbert Clinic for safe and personalized permanent hair removal services!

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