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Facial Peel

A peeling, also called a vitamin exfoliation, is a great way to give your face a glow and even out your skin tone. A facial peel, including glycolic acid peels done in Montreal, act by chemical stimulation of the skin’s natural synthesis. But do not entrust your skin to anyone: peeling is a medical act and only a true health professional is authorized to perform this practice.

Clinique Jean Gilbert’s professionals offer two types of facial peels. The salicylic acid peel has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties while providing exfoliation. This type of peeling is used to treat skin problems, oily skin, signs of aging, acne and acne scars.

Glycolic acid peels have been commonly practiced in Montreal for several years. Its facial rejuvenation principle is quite simple. An exfoliating solution removes the top layer of the epidermis and deeper layers of the first dermis. It is also called chemical peeling in Montreal because this solution uses glycolic acid in varying concentration, as appropriate.

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    Considerable expertise is required for a glycolic acid peel to be performed wisely.

    The intensity of this facial peel can be light or moderate depending on glycolic acid concentration and the application technique used. In response to this application, the skin produces collagen. A peeling thus results in forcing the skin to repair the damage and regenerate itself, making brown spots disappear, reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture.

    It takes a few days for the skin to stop its peeling and regain its normal appearance.

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    There are multiple advantages to undergoing a peeling treatment for your skin: radiance, even skin tone, rejuvenation and more.

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