Varicose vein treatments

If you have varicose veins, you are not alone: this condition affects more than half of the population. Although their cause is still unknown, factors such as heredity and gender seem to play an important role. Sclerotherapy, or the treatment of varicose veins, consists of injecting a liquid medicine into the dilated vein. This causes the scelerosis of the vein, preventing the blood from circulating within it. The blood must instead circulate in the healthy veins of the superficial or deep venous system. In time, the varicose veins disappear without sequel.

Injection treatments for varicose veins

If correctly performed, sclerotherapy is a safe and effective treatment of varicose veins of all sizes. When varicose veins are deep, a foam medicine is injected with an ultrasound device used as a guide. Because of its density, the foam remains in the vein longer and allows the sclerosis of the larger veins. The ultrasound guide is used to view the vein and the injection site.

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    Side effects are minimal making this method a good alternative to surgery considering its impressive 98% success rate.

    Laser treatments for varicose veins

    We also treat varicose veins with a laser. As such, we use the Excel laser from Cutera. Combining comfort and safety, the laser creates a high-intensity beam of light that penetrates deep into the cutaneous tissue, where it delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat where the varicose veins are located. The dual-wavelength laser combined with the cooling treatment provides optimal results while reducing side effects.

    This treatment eliminates or significantly reduces veins and varicose veins anywhere on the body. The laser’s light beam accurately targets blood vessels thereby closing or coagulating them. In the days or weeks following the treatment, the vessels causing varicose veins are eliminated and no longer visible. What’s more, Excel by Cutera is one of the only treatments that are FDA approved.

    Complications from varicose vein treatment are practically non-existent.

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